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8 Color Central Drum Flexo Printing Machine

8 Color Central Impression Flexographic Printing MachineProduct Application:

Frame and web running:
1.The frame is made of alloy cast iron with high strength and lower stress. It is casted by resin sand process and treated by vibration aging.
2.Integral type guide roller structure.
3.Assembled modularization in design.
4.Frame thickness 100mm
5.Guide roller Φ100mm (Surface anodic oxidation treatment)

Main parameter:


Technical Specification
Model YTC
Material feeding width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max Printing Width 560mm 760mm 960mm 1160mm
Colors 8colors
Material Film (bopp pe hdpe ldpe),paper
Thickness of plate 1.14mm.1.7mm 2.28mm.2.84mm. 3.94mm

Customized is available

Printing length Standard is 400mm,

Customized is available from300-1000mm

Maximum machinespeed 150m/min
Printing  speed 120m/min
Register precision longitudinal registration±0.2mm

Transversal registration±0.2mm

Structure type Central impression(central drum)
Gear module 1.5mm
Heating method Electricity heating
Max. oven temp. Max. 80℃(room temp. 20℃)
Unwinder/rewinder paper core 3"
Max.unwinder/rewinder dia. 1200mm
Suitable Ink Water based ink / Solvent ink



1.Central impression type printing machine with better color registration. Due to the big drum, the printed material is supported by the big drum, and greatly improving color registration, especially with extensible materials.

2.All colors printing station drived by the central drum, Less transmission errors because of less gear transmission, increase the registration precision.

3.Adopting high-quality motor, high-quality inverter, save the electricity, reduce the run fluctuation.

4.The machine is equipped with blower and heater; and the heater employed central temperature control system, automatic temperature controller, and separated heat source.

5.The use of individual drying oven and cold wind system can effectively prevent the ink adhesion after printing.

6.Roller adopts special steel processing, and through special treatment, greatly reduce the beating range.

7.Printing roller uses static balance and dynamic balance processing, hard anode oxidation treatment, small resistance, beating small, achieves finally perfect printing effect.

8.Accurate printing effect achieved by special gear transmission device.

9.The printing machine all can choose advance configurations to achieve the high quality, the high-definition effect.




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