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The machine is mainly used to make a bag, and a sewing bag or a valve pocket can be made on the basis of the bag. The press is generally not equipped with a press unless the customer orders it separately. We often have a four-color printing machine with a scraper to ensure good print quality.

Operating Conditions:

Working time: 22 hours / day

Design working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C

Design working environment humidity: up to 95%

Model: ZT 8762

The Technical Parameters:

Bag length: 700 ~ 970 mm

A-shaped edge tube width: 470 ~ 620 mm

Cutter: Step cut / straight cut

Number of layers: 4 paper + 1 film

Maximum production speed: 140 tubes / minute ( bag length : 780 ~ 820 mm )

Conventional stable production speed: 120 ~ 130 tubes / min

Maximum paper reel diameter: ∅1300 mm

Voltage and frequency :    380±10V 50H z

Equipment size: Without 4- color printing press: 30.5 x 2.8 x 2.7 m

With 4- color press: 34 x 2.8 x 2.7 m

Equipment weight: without 4- color printing machine: 25 tons

With 4- color printing machine: 31 tons

Total motor power: without 4- color printing machine: 24KW

With 4- color printing machine: 25.6KW;

Main Configuration (Basic Type)

Ordinary paper reel racks:   5 (can produce 4 paper +1 film paper bags)

ZTC002 Layering mechanism: 1set

ZTD001 Rectification mechanism: 1 set: 4 units

ZTE101 Auxiliary driving mechanism: 1 set

ZTE201 Horizontal perforation mechanism: 1 set

ZTE301 Horizontal glue dotting mechanism: 1 set

ZTE401 Longitudinal glue brushing mechanism: 1 set

ZTF001 Tube forming mechanism:  1 set

ZTG001 Main driving tearing off mechanism: 1 set

ZTH001 Counting, sorting out and outputting mechanism: 1 set

Electronic control system:1 set

Optional Configuration (Basic)

 Four-color printing machine with scraper ZTA006

 Intermittent puncture mechanism ZTE002


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