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Flat and Satchel Bag Making Machine

Introducing the ultimate solution for all your paper bag manufacturing needs – the Yuesheng Flat and Satchel Bag Making Machine! Specifically designed for the production of flat bottom paper bags, also known as V-bottom or sharp bottom paper bags, this machine is ideal for packaging a wide variety of food products including French fries, bread, and more. But that’s not all – with the option to add a printing function, the Yuesheng Flat and Satchel Bag Making Machine becomes an incredibly efficient and cost-effective paper bagging machine. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to elevate your packaging game and streamline your production process. Choose the Yuesheng Machine today!



Model ZNS-350 ZNS-350Y ZNS-280
Max. roll paper width 1090mm 1090mm 900mm
Max. diameter of roll paper Φ1500mm Φ1500mm Φ1200mm
Diameter of the core Φ76mm Φ76mm Φ76mm
Finished paper bag width 80-350mm 80-350mm 80-270mm
Cut-off length 180-720mm 180-720mm 120-450mm
Gusset width 20-150mm 20-150mm 10-60mm
Bottom folded width 20-40mm 20-40mm 15-35mm
Paper gram 35-80g/㎡ 35-80g/ ㎡ 30-80g/㎡
Max. production speed 200-500bags/min 200-500bags/min 200-500bags/min
Line speed 120m/min 100m/min 100m/min
Total power 21KW 31KW 11KW
Machine weight 6500kg 9500kg 3500kg
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 8200*2200*2000mm 12000*2200*2700mm 5000*2000*1800mm

The flat paper bag making machine with a Mitsubishi electrical control system is operated under servo motor control, ensuring high stability and efficient performance. The specifications of the paper bags can be controlled through its user-friendly touch screen interface. This delivers high production efficiency and allows for easy maintenance.

The roll paper fixed on the air expanding mandrel can be fed by swing arm which is equipped with lifting hydraulic system. With an alarm function, the feeding unit will sound alarm when there is no paper feeding. Improved surface smoothness of the paper during the feeding is achieved due to the web guide and uniform tension control. Paper rolls can be easily changed by pressing a button.

Form the paper with punched holes into the tube; and snap it into separate pieces based on the settings. Afterwards, these separate tubes will be sent to the drum to fold the bottom before bags collection.

Compress the bags and outlet the bags. The number of paper bags can be processed and displayed by the automatic collection and counting system.

Optional inline print press can be added to achieve printing function.


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