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Flexo Printing Machine

Upgrade your paper bag manufacturing process with the Yuesheng Flexo Printing Machine! This cutting-edge equipment boasts features such as a hydraulic shaftless reel stand, a precision planetary gearhead, and a gear-driven impression roller for reverse printing. With high-quality prints ensured by the helical gear transmission and long-distance conveying, this machine delivers on both function and aesthetics. And with smooth and compact rewinding and hydraulic material discharge, it’s both efficient and safe. Inquire Yuesheng Flexo Printing Machine Now!


Max. Printing width 1400mm
Max. Printing width 1360mm
Max. Unwind diameter 1300mm
Max. Rewind diameter 1300mm
Length range of printings 228-1000mm
Printing speed 5-100m/min
Register precision ≤±0.15mm
Thickness of printing plate ( including the thickness of adhesive tape) Upon requirements

Discover the cutting-edge technology of the Yuesheng Flexo Printing Machine – the ultimate solution for all your paper bag manufacturing needs! Loaded with features that prioritize both efficiency and safety, this machine is designed to revolutionize your production process.

Loading and unloading materials has never been easier, thanks to the hydraulic shaftless reel stand. And with a main motor that’s matched with a precision planetary gearhead and synchronous belt drive, you can trust in the Yuesheng Machine’s ability to deliver precise tension, motion control, and synchronization across the entire machine. Plus, with a gear-driven impression roller that allows for reverse printing, the possibilities for customization are endless!

The Yuesheng Flexo Printing Machine doesn’t just prioritize function, it also delivers when it comes to print quality. The printing plate roller adopts helical gear transmission to improve the registration accuracy of printing color, ensuring that your designs come out looking sharp and vibrant. And with long-distance conveying after printing, you can rest assured that the high-quality prints will maintain their integrity during the manufacturing process.

Finally, the Yuesheng Flexo Printing Machine ensures that the finished product is just as impressive as the production process. The prints are rewound in a smooth and compacted manner, while hydraulic control makes material discharge easy and safe. Experience the ultimate in paper bag manufacturing technology – choose the Yuesheng Flexo Printing Machine today!


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