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Slitter Rewinder

Upgrade your printing and packaging process with the Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder! This machine is perfect for slitting paper, film, and foil, and comes equipped with a PLC control system and HMI touch screen for easy operation. With features like pneumatic tension control and variable frequency motor-driven traction control, the Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder ensures constant tension and line speed. The machine also features hydraulic shaftless material loading and unloading, an EPC deviation correction system, and automatic material unloading. Elevate your production process today with the Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder!


Max. width of material 1300mm
Max. unwind diameter Φ1000mm
Max. rewind diameter Φ100-1000mm
Speed 0-350m/min
Total power 31KW
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 4500*4500*1900mm
Machine weight 7500kg

Elevate your printing and packaging game with the Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder! Ideal for slitting paper, laminated film, aluminum foil, printing film, and more, this machine is a must-have for any printing and packaging company. The Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder is designed with a PLC control system and an HMI touch screen, making operation easy and convenient.

With a pneumatic tension control brake, constant tension is maintained during rewinding, while variable frequency motor-driven traction control ensures constant line speed and avoids mutual affect between the rewind and unwind tension. The air expanding mandrel, driven by a variable frequency motor, is used as the rewind shaft, with rewind tension control achieved by controlling the friction pressure of the rewind shaft according to rewind diameter, slitting thickness, and pre-determined tension value.

The Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder also features hydraulic shaftless material loading and unloading in the unwind section, saving you time and improving working efficiency. An EPC deviation correction system ensures high accuracy, and the machine is designed with an automatic material unloading function. Upgrade your production process with the Yuesheng Slitter Rewinder – the ultimate solution for all your slitting needs!


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