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Twisted Handles Block Bottom Bag Making Machine with Inline Printing

Looking for a top-of-the-line bag making machine that can produce paper shopping bags with twisted handles while keeping operating costs low? Look no further than Yuesheng Machine’s cutting-edge equipment, complete with a 4-color inline printing machine. This state-of-the-art machinery is specifically designed to deliver superior performance and exceptional quality, all while minimizing operating costs for bag making operations. With advanced features such as automatic production and precision engineering, our bag making machine is the perfect solution for retail stores, paper bag manufacturers, and printing factories looking to streamline their production process. Order yours today and see the difference that Yuesheng Machine can make for your bag making operations!


Bag making part

Model ZD-F350QY ZD-F450QY
Roll paper width 420-1090 mm 650-1370 mm
Max. diameter of paper roll φ1500 mm φ1500 mm
Roll core diameter φ76 mm φ76 mm
Paper gram 80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡
Paper bag width 130/180-350 mm 230-450 mm
Cut off length 260-(530mm with handle height) 280-(630mm with handle height)
Gusset width 65-180mm 80-220mm
Handle height 90-120mm 90-120mm
Handle rope diameter φ3.5-5.5 mm φ3-6 mm
Handle patch length 152 mm 190 mm
Handle patch width 42.5-50 mm 42.5-50 mm
Handle hole distance 76 mm 95 mm
Roll paper diameter (patch) dia φ1200 mm φ1200 mm
Handle patch width 85-100 mm 85-100 mm
Paper gram of handle patch 80-150 g/㎡ 80-150 g/㎡
Max. production speed 100-150 bags/min 100-140 bags/min
Total power 40 KW 40 KW
Machine weight 21500 KG 22500 KG
Overall dimensions ( L*W*H ) 18500*5800*2500 mm 19000*6000*2500 mm

Inline printing part

Max. print width 1160 mm
Repeated printing length 300-800 mm
Mechanical printing speed 10-80 m/min
Production printing speed 10-60 m/min
Plate thickness 1.7/2.28/2.84 mm
Printing unit Cylinders/ anilox/ rollers
Cylinder perimeter 300-800 mm
Printing plate Resin/ rubber plate
Transmission way Gear driven
Printing register 360 degree rotation
Adjusting way Manual
Cylinder clutch Manual
Heating way Electric heating after blowing
Heating zone 4 zones
Blower 2KW
Aux heating length 1.3 m
Speed adjust Frequency converter


The roll paper fixed on the air expanding mandrel can be fed by swing arm which is equipped with lifting hydraulic system. With an alarm function, the feeding unit will sound alarm when there is no paper feeding. Improved surface smoothness of the paper during the feeding is achieved due to the web guide and uniform tension control. Paper rolls can be easily changed by pressing a button.


The 4-color printing unit can print logo, words or any picture as need on paper automatically.


It pastes twisted paper ropes and paper together to create a handle.


The handle pasting machine can automatic pasting the twisted handle into the required position of bag body with the use of glue and then presses it firmly on the bag body before pre-creasing.


Form the paper with patches and side glue into the tube; and cut into separate pieces based on the settings. Afterwards, these separate tubes will be sent to the drum to open the four corners, then bottom gluing, sealing and form the square shape consequently.


Compress the bags and outlet the bags. The number of paper bags can be processed and presented by the automatic collection and counting system.


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