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Window Patching Block Bottom Bag Making Machine

At Yuesheng Machine, we understand that food packaging is a crucial part of your business. That’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art bag making machine that’s specially designed to produce high-quality paper bags with a clear window, perfect for food use. Our top-of-the-line equipment uses printed or blank roll paper as raw material, and can automatically produce paper bags of various sizes to meet your specific needs. With precision engineering and advanced features, our bag making machine delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for food manufacturers, grocery stores, and retail businesses. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your food packaging needs. Order your Yuesheng Machine bag making equipment today and experience the difference in your production process!


Model ZDF-KM190 ZDF-KM350
Roll paper width 280-650mm 420-1090mm
Max. diameter of roll paper 1500mm 1500mm
Core diameter of roll paper 76mm 76mm
Paper gram 50-150g 60-150g
Finished bag width 80-190mm 130-350mm
Paper tube length 190-370mm 260-530mm
Bag bottom width 50-110mm 65-180mm
Film gram 0.02g-0.05g 0.02g-0.05g
Window width 20-120mm 20-200mm
Window length 20-160mm 20-200mm
Max. production speed 180/220 pcs/min 150/180 pcs/min
Total power 28kw 28kw
Weight 12000kg 13800kg
Overall dimensions 12600*2000*1800mm 13500*3300*2000mm

The ZNEP window patching block bottom bag making machine strictly controls each manufacturing process when producing high quality paper bags from plain or pre-printed paper roll. The bag making machine features a Mitsubishi electrical control system and operates under precision servo motor control to ensure high stability and easy operation. It features high production efficiency which is always a perfect choice for reducing labor and manufacturing costs. Compared with sheet fed paper bag making machines, this equipment is eco-friendlier and more economical as it can produce high quality bags from thin paper.

The roll paper fixed on the air expanding mandrel can be fed by swing arm which is equipped with lifting hydraulic system. With an alarm function, the feeding unit will sound alarm when there is no paper feeding. Improved surface smoothness of the paper during the feeding is achieved due to the web guide and uniform tension control. Paper rolls can be easily changed by pressing a button.

The upper roller is designed with blade magnetic sucking device to make it easy to change blade and save cost. The lower roller made using hard alloy ensures the edge of die-cut part is smooth and clean. The rollers work together to achieve desired die cut result.

This unit adopts an abreast double-knife to ensure the synchronization of the film patch or paper patch. Gluing, traction and cutting of the patch rolls are all controlled by servo motors. After putting the glue on desired locations and folding by a pneumatic roller, the system realizes the automatic functions of paper feeding, conveying, window gluing, film slitting and patching to produce the ready paper bags through a second roller mechanism.

A glue level sensor is used to detect the amount of glue left in the machine. The glue dispenser is used to apply adhesive to the desired locations of the paper.

The product is initially formed using the paper, and patches and side glue are attached to the tube. Afterwards, the resulting textile is cut into separate pieces based on the settings. Lastly, these separate tubes would be sent to the drum. The four corners would be opened, then the bottom is glued, sealed, and formed into a square shape.

Compress the bags and outlet the bags. The number of paper bags can be processed and presented by the automatic collection and counting system.


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