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YTD-4 Color CI TYPE Flexo Printing Machine

CI TYPE Paper Flexographic Printing Press

Main parameter:

Technical Specification
Model YTD-4color
Material feeding width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm
Max Printing Width 560mm 760mm 960mm 1160mm 1360mm
Colors 4colors
Material Paper(20-350 gsm)thermal paper,
Thickness of plate 1.14mm.1.7mm 2.28mm.2.84mm. 3.94mm

Customized is available

Printing length Standard is 400mm,

Customized is available from380-800mm

Maximumprintingspeed 250m/min
Register precision longitudinal registration±0.15mm

Transversal registration±0.15mm

Structure type Central impression(central drum)
Gear module 1.5mm
Heating method Electricity heating
Max. oven temp. Max. 80℃(room temp. 20℃)
Unwinder/rewinder paper core 3"
Max.unwinder/rewinder dia. 1000mm
Suitable Ink Water based ink / Solvent ink

Printing sample:


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